Stop Constipation in Children with These Simple Steps

Constipation; I am sure we have all have either had it or seen someone in pain from having it, but if you want to stop constipation continue reading. We know it is definitely not something we want to have or something that we would wish on someone else. And it is certainly not something we want children to have, or even our own kids. Fortunately, there are medications, mostly in the form of laxatives, that can be taken to relieve the symptoms and pain of a constipated digestive tract. There are a variety of different laxatives that are suitable for children and young teenagers. So, if you’re looking to stop constipation in your child, then look no further. Here, I will have put together a list of some of the best, fast-acting, and effective children’s laxatives. But first, let us take a look at what causes constipation in young children.

Stop Constipation: How Do Children Get Constipated?

In children, the leading cause of constipation is actually not diet-related at all like it is in most adult cases. Children often develop the ailment from the unwillingness to have a bowel movement. This may be due to the stresses surrounding potty training, fear of going in public place, or are just preoccupied with other things, such as playtime or naptime. However, this is not the only cause, as diet related issues can also lead to constipation. A low-fiber diet is the main cause, but certain medications, such as antacids or other stomach medications, can lead to constipation as well.

How to Stop Constipation Dead in its Tract

With a slight change in diet and food intake, healthy bowel habits, and laxatives, you can stop constipation and its symptoms fairly quickly. Start the diet change by adding foods that are high in fiber. Addition of whole grain bread and crackers, fruits, and vegetables are a nice starting point. Also, having a talk with your child about healthy bowel movement habits and times is good idea, too. These two thins alone can stop constipation from happening in the future. However, these two things alone may not stop constipation if it has already set in. The use of laxatives may be needed to stop constipation and its side effects altogether.

Many brands and types of laxatives are used for children and young teenagers of all ages. Some laxatives stop constipation quicker than others, while some are geared more towards older children than younger children. One of the best all-around brands used to stop constipation in children is Pedia-Lax. Pedia-Lax produces laxatives and stool softeners for all ages and for all urgencies of relief.

A straight laxative does not always have to be the last resort in order to stop constipation in your child. Stool softeners, which often act as a laxative, are normally just as effective as laxatives and can stop constipation and its effects rather quickly. Drugs such as Metamucil or Milk of Magnesia can be used to stop constipation in young children as well.

While laxatives and stool softeners offer the quickest and most effective means to stop constipation, it is always a good idea to consult a doctor before self-prescribing your children a laxative. Make a doctor’s appointment and see if laxatives are the best idea for your growing child.

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